What is a Servant Artist?

Someone asked me recently to talk about the idea of being a Servant Artist. I have heard mentors, teachers, and people I look up to teach on this in the…


A Student of the World

You know that quote by Jim Eliot? The one on all the mugs and t-shirts? "Wherever you are, be all there." It's been on my mind, only my variation sounds…


Who Should We Be Listening To?

We were sitting in a church service in Central PA.  Interestingly, politics were being discussed. A question was posed. Who should we be listening to right now? In regards to…


Summer Reads

Summer is for reading, right!? Between out-of-town weddings, packing, and an almost 2-year old’s shenanigans, we are sneaking it in when we can. Our main categories of summer reading we’ve…


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