Start Where You Stand

Well, here we are in Kathmandu, 5 days in to our time here. We have been able to have some wonderful conversations and quality time with Ross’s aunt and uncle, Paul and Becky. We have also met and had dinner with a lovely young couple who have been married only a few months more than we have. Lastly, we have helped Rescue Network Nepal with some report writing, as well as gotten to meet their friendly and endearing staff. They are doing great work here in Nepal! Through writing reports for them, we found out just how quickly they responded to the earthquake with the first phase of their action plan and are now on to the third phase of village relief. For a small local organization, they are making big impact!

Tomorrow I start leading workshops for WomenLEAD. TOMORROW? Tomorrow. I love this kind of work. I love teaching dance and writing, and I love encouraging women. However, I never fail to FREAK OUT a little bit right before starting a new project. It doesn’t matter who it is or where the class is held, I still start with the Questions: What if I haven’t planned enough? What if I haven’t thought of everything? What if it falls flat? What if they hate it? And the root of it all…what if I am not enough? 

It’s a very good thing that I don’t have to be. 

I’m not. 

I’m not enough. 

But He is. 

It is so easy to feel like our gifts and skills are not enough. I am not a doctor. I am not an engineer. I am not a lawyer. I am not educated enough. Experienced enough. I am not enough for this huge obstacle, this huge need. What can I do?

Thank goodness it is not about me or the greatness of my skills. All He asks is that I bring the talents I have been given by the Master Craftsman and invest them. Invest them into the lives of others. Pour out the incense of what I have been given at His feet. Believe that He is using what little I have to offer for His great purposes.

Because what happens if I don’t? Someone else may do the work. They probably will. The very rocks will sing to Him if I don’t. Someone else may speak life into that young woman. Or they may not. But I know one thing. I will rot. My spirit will be buried. Those “talents” from the Master will lay untouched and produce nothing.

So I must put away those fears of my offering not being enough and just get to work. Say yes to what He calls me to. Worship in the moments of doubt. He is so much bigger than my fears of inadequacy and I am so encouraged knowing that He used the foolish so many times to bring Himself glory.

Here we go. 

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